The Primcura Healthcare Express Train

The Primcura Healthcare Express Train
Posted 22 Jan, 2024

The Primcura Healthcare Express Train

Did you know that every mechanical clock operates through a series of interconnected gears known as a train? These gears work together to keep the clock running and accurately tell the time.

This concept made me reflect on how Primcura Healthcare resembles a clock in many ways. However, instead of gears, our organisation relies on the dedication and hard work of our carers, support workers, nurses, office staff, trainers, on-call staff, managers, and directors.

Each individual plays a crucial role in our well-functioning system, providing the necessary care and support to our clients and service users. Therefore, it is important to never underestimate your significance within the grand scheme of things.

You are an essential part of our team!

Continuing with the clock analogy, I began contemplating the qualities that serve as the oil and lubricant for Primcura, allowing each component to smoothly transition from one task to another. Here are the qualities I have identified:

1. Availability - Ensuring that our workers in the field are always up-to-date with their availability. This enables our bookings and on-call teams to reach out between 6.30am and 10.30pm to cover any short notice shifts.

2. Adaptability - Having the ability to adjust to changing situations and different work practices of our clients. Additionally, being open to trying new shifts with different clients.

3. Dependability - Being trustworthy and reliable when fulfilling our work commitments, whether it be attending a shift or working in the office.

4. Integrity - Striving to do our best and not settling for the bare minimum.

5. Punctuality - Planning and preparing for our journey to work, ensuring that we arrive on time and ready to fulfill our responsibilities.

6. Reliability - Aiming to consistently perform well in all aspects of our work.

Lastly, I would like to share a tip to maximize your earning potential. It is beneficial to have a work bag prepared and ready, so that you can take full advantage of any last-minute shift requirements. Remember, each one of you plays a vital role in the success of Primcura Healthcare.

Your dedication and commitment are greatly appreciated.

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