Preparation for a stress free journey to work – when travelling by bus

Preparation for a stress free journey to work – when travelling by bus
Posted 23 Nov, 2023

We understand that public transportation can be unpredictable and cause delays in your travel. However, it's important to note that frequent lateness can have negative consequences for both our company and employees, as punctuality is a crucial aspect of any job.

Failing to arrive in time for a handover can lead to a negative first impression and a difficult start to your shift.

Therefore, turning up on time is vitally important and here is our advice on how you can ensure that you arrive at your shift on time and in the proper mindset to work.


The answer is to prepare in advance!


Firstly, aim to arrive at your place of work, 15 minutes before your assignment starts. This gives the person leading the shift confidence that you have arrived ready to work. Allowing enough time for you to receive a thorough handover.


·       Ensure that you have downloaded the Stagecoach app, to use in conjunction with Google Maps. This will help you plan your bus route and travel to the home on foot.


To plan your journey, put your home address and postcode, plus the address and postcode of the place you are attending into the journey planner of the Stagecoach app. It will tell you when to leave your house, which bus, or buses to catch, plus your route to your assignment.


Then put the name of the home or the full postal address into Google maps. This will normally direct you straight to your assignment, so that you get there on time and unflustered. Remember to use Google maps for the final leg of your journey from the bus to your place of work, because entering postcodes only are not accurate enough.


·       Before accepting an assignment, check that there is a bus that will get you to work on time. If there isn’t and you still wish to cover the shift, call the office and let them know when you can get there for. They can then consider asking the client if you can start later. N.B. You should also plan your journey home to ensure that there is a late bus you can catch. This is especially important at weekends and on Bank Holidays.


I hope that you will find this information useful.

Andrew - Out-of-Hours Coordinator

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