Laura - My role at Primcura Healthcare

Laura - My role at Primcura Healthcare
Posted 26 Apr, 2024

Laura - My role at Primcura Healthcare

My day as the Payroll and Compliance offer is spent balancing both Compliance and Payroll admin. 


In compliance, my role is to ensure all staff members documents are kept up to date. As all documents obtained from staff have to be renewed yearly in order to keep the staff member compliant and actively working.

Very year we need to get all our staff in for refresher training and apply for a new DBS (unless on the update service). 

Without renewing these documents and training, we are unable to work our staff. This is an extremely important part of compliance for Primcura and for all our clients.


Just a friendly reminder: if I seem persistent about these documents, training or DBS’ it's because they're essential for everyone's continued employment.


I have recently taken on the additional role of Payroll Admin, I ensure all bookings are uploaded to the system and timesheets have been submitted and signed, for payroll to commence. 

I’m always happy to help with any queries regarding pay, holiday, you name it!

I may not always have the answer at first hand, however, as I am admin I can obtain these answers as quickly as I can from the accounts team, processing team or management. 


My role definitely keeps me busy as there are many different aspects of my role,  as both Compliance and Payroll require me to be in contact with both our staff and clients. 

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